1 Head Height

1.1 The ball IS allowed above head height.

2 Free Kicks

2.1 All free kicks are direct EXCEPT kick offs & Kick ins.
2.2 Opposing players must be at least 5 yards from the ball when the free kick is taken.

3 Penalty Kicks

3.1 All penalty kicks taken from the spot with ball stationary
3.2 All penalty kicks taken with one step
3.3 The goalkeeper must remain on the goal line but can move along the line

4 Goal Area

4.1 Goalkeepers are NOT allowed outside their goal area intentionally. Where this situation does occur a free kick will be awarded to the opposition.
4.2 All players ARE allowed in the goal area.
4.3 If there is a foul committed in the area by the defending team a penalty kick will be awarded.
4.4 If a foul is committed by an attacking team player in the area then play will restart by means of a goalkeeper throw.

5 Going To Ground

5.1 Players are NOT intentionally allowed to go to ground and must stay on their feet.

6 Shin Pads

6.1 Shin Pads must be worn as a requirement for FA rules and player protection.

7 Corner Kicks

7.1 A corner will be awarded when the defending team player touches the ball last .
7.2 Teams CAN score direct from a corner.

8 Kick Ins

8.1 All kicks ins are INDIRECT
8.2 Opposing players must be at least 5 yards from the ball when the kick in is taken.
8.3 Kick ins are taken from where the ball leaves the pitch.

9 Kick Off

9.1 The ball must be played BACKWARDS
9.2 Players CANNOT score from a kick off.

10 Squad and Substitutes

10.1 Teams require 6 (Six) players playing at one time and 3 substitutes.
10.2 Rolling substitutions are allowed after notifying referee
10.3 Minimum number of players to start the game is 5 (Five) players.

11 Goalkeepers

11.1 Goalkeepers must throw the ball from a dead ball situation.
11.3 Goalkeepers must throw out the ball to restart the game.
11.4 Goalkeepers aren't allowed outside the area and if they do come out a free kick is awarded to the opposition at the referees discretion.

12 Match Duration

12.1 Match duration will be a total of 35/40 minutes, dependant on which league you play in.

13 League Structure

13.1 Matches will be worth 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and nil points for a defeat.
13.2 Positions will be decided firstly by goal difference, the most goals scored then head to head.

14 Discipline

14.1 First offence will be a blue card 3 minutes sin bin. Second offence is a red card all at the discretion of the referee.
14.2 All bookings will be dealt in house unless deemed appropriate for FA involvement.
14.3 Suspensions will be dealt with in house unless deemed appropriate for FA involvement.

15 League Tables & Information

15.1 League information REPORTS/ LEADING GOSALSCORERS/L$AGUE TABLES etc are published on Facebook at PSL Soccer Leagues and linked to the website at

* PSL Soccer Leagues would advise all participants to acquire personal accident insurance.