1. Captain/Manager Responsibilities

1.1 As captain and following the completion of the PSL Soccer Leagues registration form you and your team agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out by PSL Soccer Leagues.
1.2 As captain and following the completion of the PSL Soccer Leagues registration form you and your team agree to abide by the rules & regulations set out by PSL Soccer Leagues in association with The Lancashire Football Association.

2. Match Fees.

2.1 The Team Captain is responsible for ensuring that the team fulfils the full seasons fixtures, payment of match fees.
2.2 Any team that cancels a fixture without prior agreement with PSL Soccer Leagues will be required to pay the full match fees for both teams.

3. Postponements

3.1 Each team is allowed TWO postponements per season (if required). Each team must notify the league of any postponement with AT LEAST TWO weeks notice.

4. Rearranged Fixtures

Will be played at the end of the season.

5. League Withdrawal

Once the fixtures have been produced, as Team Captain/Manager you are responsible to fulfil all your teams fixtures for the season. You can only withdraw your team when a replacement team has been found. If your team drops out without being replaced the Team Captain/Manager is liable for all match fees (including opponents fee) for any fixtures you do not fulfil.

6. Change of Team Manager/Captain

The Team Captain/Manager can be changed at any point during the season by the new Team Captain submitting a new registration form.

7. Complaints

Must be received by PSL Soccer Leagues in writing within 7 days of any incident. This can be done by post or email We will thoroughly investigate any complaint we receive and reply with the outcome.

8. Personal Accident Insurance

PSL Soccer Leagues is not responsible for personal accidents. Players are not insured for injuries they may incur playing in the league. Teams or individuals are advised to provide their own insurance to cover personal injury. If you require more information about this please contact your local county F.A. or a sports insurance company.

9. Code Of Conduct

PSL Soccer Leagues expects all teams to adhere to the PSL Soccer Leagues Code Of Conduct in association with the Lancashire Football Association.

10. Registration and Renewal

Your Registration Forms can be used for any new season as long as your contact details have not changed. If you do not want to enter a new season you must inform PSL Soccer Leagues of this in writing at least 7 days before the start date of the new season. Any applications received online and by email are legally binding.

11. Any decisions made by PSL Soccer Leagues are final.