Player Responsibilities

1. Give maximum effort and strive for the best possible performance within the framework of the rules and regulations.
2. Don't use social media to berate officials. PSL are required to report any instances to The FA.
3. Avoid all forms of gamesmanship.
4. No use of inappropriate language ie swearing.
5. Do not attempt to influence officials.
6. On and off the field players are expected to follow the following

FA Respect Code

• Adhere to the Laws of the Game
• Display and promote high standards of behaviour
• Promote fair play and behave within the spirit of the Laws of the Game
• Always respect the match officials' decisions.
• Never engage in public criticism of the match officials
• Never engage in offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour
• Avoid bullying, intimidation and poor behaviour
• Speak to officials team-mates, the opposition, coaches, managers, and spectators with respect.
• Team captains designated to talk to match officials if players have a problem relating to the game.
• Remember we all make mistakes
• Shake hands with the opposing team and the match officials at the end of every game.